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  • Libra Project

    Enabling a better world.

  • The Libra Project

    We believe in a world in which investors can channel their savings efficiently into Impact projects by using the transparency of blockchain technology.

  • Libra Impact Token

    Our aim is to open the world of Impact Investing to everyone. The blockchain allows us to do that and track the IRIS metrics that are being delivered across projects. With the information fed back to the dashboard in the individual owner's wallet.


    Our Token is currently under private sale on an invitation-only basis whilst we seek regulatory approval and develop our prospectus. If you have a password or personal invitation please create a wallet.

  • Our Fact Sheet

    An overview of the Libra Project

  • Impact Investing


    Your money can make a difference – and a financial return

    Investment Philosophy

    The Libra Project's approach to investment management is based on the idea that value can be extracted during all phases of a potential asset’s development, construction and operation. Conventional energy funds tend to buy out operating cashflow positive assets. In doing so, they end up paying for the profits of developers, consultants, contractors and brokers, which leaves little to added value.


    Libra Project Asset Management brings exceptional technical acumen to the table to develop potential assets after carrying out in-depth economic studies, value engineering and efficient operations techniques and methodologies. Our aim is to deliver high-performing clean-power infrastructural projects and paying developers' prices to do so, effectively increasing yields and generating real tangible value.


    Libra Impact Token Objective

    Libra Impact Token's objective is simple: we have designed a platform to give investors around the world simple and efficient access to projects that will create positive environmental and social impacts. The token will facilitate the following:


    Reduce the cost of investing;


    Provide ease of access to projects that will be developed using ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) metrics;

    Provide an efficient way for all investors, regardless of the size of their investment, to participate in private-equity projects;


    Open the door to Impact Investing for people who want their investments to have a positive social and environmental impact on the world.

    Target Market

    Libra Project Asset Management’s investments will focused on what we perceive are the world’s fastest-growing and stable markets – the GCC, Southeast Asia and East Africa.


    Off-takers of produced energy will be restricted to either sovereign governments or high creditworthy multinational companies.


    These markets will be addressed by funds raised into different special purpose vehicles that will target opportunities developed by Libra Project Asset Management to the shovel-ready stage of maturity.



  • Our Advisory Committee

    World class team of dedicated advisors

    Gus Schellekens

    ESG & Sustainability Advisor

    Building on a 30 year consulting career that has been focused on developing and delivering large programmes of work with private and public sector organizations globally, Gus these days works with clients to deliver the sustainability agenda for people, cities, and infrastructure. Over the past 10 years, he has also worked closely with clients across the Middle East and North Africa region to address the integration of sustainability into long-term business strategy and growth plans, to support the development of renewable energy projects, to encourage the assimilation and assurance of financial information with environmental, social and governance information in company reports, and to help organizations understand the real cost their activities have on the economy, environment, and society.


    Gus has a BSc (Hons) Biology with Oceanography from Southampton University, UK, an MSc in Management Science from Imperial College, London, UK, and a Certificate in International Business (part), from New York University, USA.

    Suki Biring

    Project Finance Advisor

    Fund administration of a number of projects totaling $1.5bn. Financial reporting and compliance for eight entities under IFRS with consolidation at five levels on a monthly basis.



  • Libra Project Team

    "Enabling a better world"

    Hans Fraikin

    Co-founder / CEO

    Has 25 years of senior management and international marketing experience, including head of Twentieth Century Fox, director of Telefilm Canada, and CEO of the Quebec Film and Television Council, where he initiated the Sustainable Production Program with Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Generated US$1.6 Billion of inward investment over eight years.

    Alexander Alzamora

    Co Founder / Director / Project developer.

    Has 10 years of international renewable energy experience, developing over 50 MW of clean-energy projects including solar, waste-heat recovery, water

    efficiency and the first geothermal cogeneration plant in Greece. Designed a 6000, 3/day desalination system in the UAE and developed over 12 MW of waste-heat recovery projects for Lafarge-Holcim.

    James Spence

    Co Founder / Director.

    Has 10 years’ experience in the financial industry, including VP of Globaleye financial services, where he manages over US$50 million on behalf of private clients. Is a member of the Cii (Chartered Insurance Institute), and an early investor in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces. He is also active in the environmental scene in the UAE.

    Edmund Connolly


    A three-time award-winning manager with expertise in strategic planning and growing sales organizations across 40+ countries over the past 20+ years. Generated $100 Million+ in sales across Africa, Asia, and the GCC. Brings to the Libra Project pipeline $US120 million of renewable energy projects.

  • Our ECO-System

    For a full view of our project please visit our dashboard by creating an account.

    Our Platform

    Enabling a better world.

    Our platform will provide real-time data direct from the energy projects we operate to the investor's dashboard. That way the Investor can see exactly how much impact is being delievered.

  • Legal Advisors

    Outstanding world wide legal guidance.

    P.V. Sheheen - Managing Partner of Goodwins Law

    Lawyer, Goodwins Law. Member of the Advisory Committee

    Managing Partner of Goodwins Law Corporation, a prominent Corporate Lawyer UAE based for twenty-five years. Sheheen is Managing Partner with Goodwins Law and has wide exposure to all practical aspects of corporate/commercial laws in the UAE. Sheheen has been advising a number of banks, multi-national companies, national conglomerates, airlines, embassies, insurance companies, and government departments in UAE on a regular basis. He heads a team that covers corporate/commercial laws in the United Arab Emirates, which includes Civil and Commercial Transactions, Construction, Intellectual Property, as well as Arbitration Rules of International Chamber of Commerce and Regional Arbitration Centres. In addition, he has in-depth knowledge of Islamic Shariah from the authentic sources of Qu’ran and Hadith.

  • What Is Impact Investing

    Global Impact Investment Network – A must-watch video for Impact Investors

  • Keeping It Simple

    A quick guide to some of our terminology

    Impact Investing

    Impact Investing refers to investments in companies, organisations and funds with the intention of generating a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.


    Impact investments provide capital to address social and/or environmental issues.


    A blockchain is a decentralised, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers. This allows participants to verify and audit transactions inexpensively. The use of a blockchain removes the characteristic reproducibility from a digital asset. It confirms that each unit of value was transferred only once, solving the long-standing problem of double spending. Blockchains are quicker, safer and cheaper than traditional systems.


    We use blockchain technology to create positive social and environmental change for the benefit of humanity.


    A term first used by the Rockefeller Foundation.


    Environmental, social and governance (ESG) refers to the three central factors that measure the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment or company. These criteria help to better determine the future financial performance of companies.


    ETO refers to Equity Token Offering. As a defined equity token, we will launch through regulated jurisdictions that comply with strict regulations laid out in every area that the ETO will be advertised.

  • Understanding Impact Investments and Blockchain

    Watch these videos that help to explain both Impact Investing and Blockchain

    How blockchain works.


    Understanding Blockchain


    The future of where we are heading.

    How blockchain works.

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